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  • "When I first met Anthony I was traveling with my (x) girlfriend in Bocas Del Toro, panama.  We were eating at one of those "hole in the wall" local spots that you know is good by how many locals are eating there.  We were sharing a long table with this studdly looking gringo who seemed like the approachable type.  As a couple, your typically looking to make a new friend when the opportunity presents itself.  So just as i was about to strike a conversation with this guy, he looks at me and says "dude! you try this chicken!? Thats how i met Anthony.  We shared a meal, good laughs, and made some plans to hang out that night at our hostel(1 dollar drink happy hour)  So after a night full of storys, laughs, and a few(too many) drinks we make plans to adventure the next day.  The morning comes all to soon and as im just rising from a slumber from hell, Anthony shows up, coffee in hand, " you ready to go?"  Anthony had already rented us off road quads.  So off we went.  We drove as far as the beach would let us before a cliff peaking out to the surf cut our path off.  Thats where we hung out and had lunch, and thats the first day we spent together.  We traveled together for a month or so after that, adventure is all this guy lives for.  Since that trip hes visited me in the depths of a west coast Canadian winter, where I live,and the adventure continued.  I'm lucky to call Anthony a friend, id trust him my life. Anyone who gets an opportunity to hang with this guy and take a note from his book, consider your self lucky!!!"

 - Jordi Hilberry


  • "Hanging out with Anthony is definitely a fun experience! I'm a local in Puerto Rico and he was able to take me to some premium locations on the island that I hadn't had the chance to visit. In our time together during his trip in PR, we spoke a lot about traveling and how it can make a person much more acquainted with the world and different cultures that live in it and ultimately, how traveling just makes a person happy. I'd trust him completely with any endeavor and I'm excited to on-go on some journeys with him outside of the island in a very near future."

 - Beatriz M. López


  • "I'm a solo traveller from England, I was spending some time hopping around in the Caribbean where I met Anthony and a few of his buddies. We had a brilliant time in Puerto Rico, it really was unforgettable. As well as a friend I've gained an awful lot of knowledge and a lot of contacts to help me further my travel experience through Costa Rica, Panama and beyond. If you've travelled before or a first time backpacker, Anthony is a very useful contact to have if you are planning a trip on any budget."

- Tom Lithgow 


  • "You can meet a lot of amazing people through the magic of traveling and living a backpacker/adventurer lifestyle. Anthony embodies everything you would hope for in friend, guide, and travel companion! We met in Puerto Rico and I was instantly inspired by his generosity and willingness to share his knowledge of travel thorough his personal experiences. During the time we spent together I was able to create life long memories. Anthony was able to clue me in on several events and endeavors I would have otherwise missed out on! Whether we were hanging at a hostel meeting new friends from around the world sharing our fun ideas or taking new our new friends to some of the local favorite spots it was a constant sense of comfort and entertainment. Even though we are different people we share the same enthusiasm for travel and all of the wonders that come with it. I'm look forward to linking up again and continuing on with life's journey! Thanks again Anthony you're the man!"

- Kyle Page

Hey! You guys are seriously amazing! Diego is a great person and a great organizer. He helped make Chiang Mai a memorable stop. I hope we can connect in future travels, and I will definitely be following your travels on facebook!

Till Next Time!
Dylan Tullar
-USA: Florida

What can I say! It has been a great adventure these last two weeks from Khao San Road to hiking in the jungles of Thailand. I will truly miss you guys. These last two weeks have been such a blast, I truly look forward to the next time we can all travel together. Until next time... SBD!!!!

One love,

SBD was an amazing experience! I have never traveled like this before and I wont forget the memorable experiences along the way! I've met many new friends from all corners of the globe and we become close enough to be considered a team! I would definitely recommend SBD to anyone interested in doing travel with a close-knit group of amigos.


Christian J. Gome