KARMONY prides itself on helping others and in order to encourage the same from our friends and family we are offering KARMONY Rewards’ points.  The list of rewards' points below is just an example of good deeds and the points they may earn. Please do not limit yourself to the acts we have listed below, we wish to reward any good deed that one of our friends or family does.  Any good deed that one of our members does should be shared on Instagram using #sbdkarmony and tagging us using @sbdtraveler by submitting a picture or video with a brief explanation of the act of kindness.  Each good deed will be evaluated by the KARMONYteam and awarded points accordingly.  The points can then be used to redeem any of the items listed on our shopping page, from merchandise to amazing discounts and more to come from our advertisers . Please help us make the world a better place and in return we’ll make yours a little better too.

                                                                                                  -Best Wishes  KARMONY Team 

*Note: All KARMONY Rewards points are up to the discretion of the KARMONY team. 




                                                              Points are at the discretion of SBD Traveler

1-10 Points (SHARING)

       10-100 Points (CARING)

100-300 Points (BUDDAFUL)

300-600 Points (OM SHANTI)

600-1000 Points (KARMONY)





  • Donating time or food to an Animal Shelter, Homeless Shelter or Nonprofit
  • Assisting the elderly in any manner
  • Acknowledging a stranger, friend or family member's existence by expressing your gratitude through words of encouragement verbally, written or demonstrated.
  • Pick up any litter and dispose of it properly
  • Save a turtle from the road ;)



  • Show your support for you favorite nonprofit through any of your social media and tag SBDTraveler
  • "Pay it Forward" i.e. buy someones meal, top-off someone's expired meter, leave extra change in the vending machine. 
  • Community involvement through service in parks, schools, organizations or any local events
  • Random acts of appreciation to your local Public Service members i.e. bring baked goods to local fire dept., leave a note of appreciation to your mailman, etc...
  • Help a turtle off his back ;)



  • Supporting a child or family in need i.e. Bringing prepared meals to a grieving family, walking your injured neighbors turtle, or drop off soup to your roommates sick sister. 
  • Support your friends endeavors through donations, constructive feedback and words of encouragement. 
  • Send a Buddhaful package to military personnel overseas
  • Donating time or goods to an orphanage of your choosing
  • Volunteering in any disaster relief programs or donating basic necessities 



  • Visit children or elderly at a local hospital (Patch Adams)  
  • Organizing events to bring your neighbors or community together  
  • Become a big brother or sister within your local community 
  • Volunteer for your neighborhood watch 
  • Any involvement that speaks against prejudices and racism peacefully 



  • Step out of your comfort zone and get involved globally 
  • Help rebuild the Eco System: as simple as planting a tree, growing your own produce or taking shorter showers.
  • Reducing your material possessions and donate them to non profit organizations
  • Volunteering abroad
  • Show us your Karmony by getting involved with Cultural Festivals, by thinking outside the box and by never forgetting "The core of mans' spirit comes from new experiences." So get out there and show us your definition of Karmony. 
Founder of SBDTraveler & KARMONY Anthony Henriquez.

Founder of SBDTraveler & KARMONY Anthony Henriquez.