• What can I expect on a typical trip with Same But Different Traveling Co. ? 

With a team that together has over 30 years of traveling experience, let’s just say you can expect a lot! We have learned it is possible to experience the heart of what people seek out of a trip without spending frivolously – that’s how “Same but Different Traveler” was born.  We provide the “same” experiences as travel companies, with inflated prices, do, but with a “different” approach allowing us to focus on maximizing the fun in your travels.  Because of this, we make our primary goal to tailor each excursion according to the country’s cultural activities, foods, and overall way of life while avoiding the sterile, overly planned itineraries. Simply put, you become a part of our travel family. And as family, we consider the dynamics of each group, add a little spontaneity, with a result that cultivates an exciting, one of a kind expedition we all don’t want to end. 


  • Will I be able to book my plane flights separately? 

Absolutely! If you buy your airfare independently you will only be responsible for the housing and excursion fees that are included in our land packages found in our “What’s Included” . You also have the option to sit back, relax and let us do everything – we recommend that option, for sure!


  • What do I need in order to secure a spot in the next excursion? 

Simply register online to receive an information packet via email, that will detail the steps needed to reserve a space in one of our upcoming adventures! 


  • What if I’m not a big drinker/partier? 

Oftentimes when people think of more rustic travel experiences they get an idea that they are more focused on partying. While it is certainly not discouraged to let your inner party animal come out, we equally encourage people to get whatever you want out of your time with Same but Different Traveling Co. For someone who wants an introspective, spiritually focused tour and someone who wants an adrenaline pumping challenge, they both can be found in our trips!


  • Will it be uncomfortable if I am traveling alone? 

Surprisingly, most of the tour guides in our company have extensively travelled alone. They quickly learned the value of exploring a place by oneself, as it can be a great way to truly savor a new place. But, it can get lonely pretty quickly, thus the value of a liberal tour guide is that you can wander a town on your own terms. If you’re feeling particularly sociable one day, you can seek out the company of your friendly group members. Or if you’d like to spend a day with yourself, you certainly wouldn’t be expected to stay with the group. 


  • What will the typical group size be? 

The average size of an excursion group will be between 20-25 people. What we determined to be the sweet spot for developing friendships on the trip without sacrificing diversity of personalities.


  • What is the average age of the travelers in Same But Different Traveling Co. ?

Participants range from college students to young professionals, with the average age range being 18-35. 


  • Are groups of friends allowed to travel together on the trip? 

Of course! Because of this, it is crucial for us to be aware of any applicants that are wanting to be included together on the same trip before making accommodation and flight reservations. 

In fact, we offer incentives for groups of 4+ traveling together, with a 10% discount applied to the total trip expenses. 


  • Will I need a passport? 

Yes, for all trips outside of the US, a passport is essential. Processing times for passports can be highly variable, so it is important to start your application soon after you make your initial deposit and commitment on an excursion with us.


  • What is your cancellation policy? 

With regard to medical and family emergencies, they unfortunately can happen. If this is the case, buying flight insurance is an important initial step. Our payments are set up on a schedule , thus each payment is 45% refundable before the next scheduled payment, which after that point it becomes non-refundable. 


  • Will I need any shots prior to traveling abroad? 

For any of the non-Western excursions you will most likely need to be up to date on typhoid and hepatitis A & B. But you will need to seek out the expertise of your doctor to ensure you are probably prepared.


  • Is a travel visa required? 

Certain countries require one, while others don’t. In Thailand you get a 30 day visa upon arrival.


  • Do trips require travel insurance? 

THIS IS A REQUIREMENT. Types of travel insurance vary, but having a form of it IS important. It can be filed through us, or you can file for it independently - simply send us proof of purchase. Please feel free to contact us with any questions regarding insurance and we will send you an email with information on certain travel insurance and which ones to choose from.


For any other questions please email us at differntraveler@gmail.com. We're here to help in any way and every way we can to make your travel fun and stress free!